Douglas M. Carnahan  -  Mini Bio

Renown Paranormal Investigator Doug Carnahan, founder and director of "Team NPI" NorCal Paranormal Investigators has over 35 plus years in the field with over 800 investigations during that time. Investigations include those involving ghosts, free willed spirits, poltergeist activity, nature spirits  as well as demonic entities. Today most of his cases are of the extreme nature.

Doug, is known as an Extreme Haunted Survivor. In the early 80s, Doug was physically attacked in his home for a period of 6 months. These attacks came from nowhere and soon escalated from pushing, punching, slapping to chocking, scratching and even biting by an unseen intruder.. The more Doug combated the entity the more violent the encounters became.. This profound experience launched Doug head first into the field of the paranormal seeking answers to questions not yet asked. Unearthing the Unknown and helping others is his main focus today.

Doug is among the top paranormal investigators in America today, listed in the Haunted America Tours, Real Paranormal Investigators. He has also been seen on the Today Show, Discovery Channels "Weird, True and Freaky, Back from the Dead” A&E Bio Channels "My Ghost Story" "Ghost Adventures" as well as The Unexplained Files, on Science Channel, Local TV "Eye on the Bay" and the documentary film "The Haunted Wine Country". Doug has also been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, books and Internet articles.

Doug presently is on hyannis from radio where he hosted of one of the top rated and more popular Internet paranormal shows for over 5 years, "The Haunted Truth" Paranormal Radio to have time to write his story. The show was enjoyed world wide by fans from all over the globe,tuning in weekly. Besides hosting his show he has enjoyed been a guest on countless other shows in the US, Canada and the UK.